Artist View

  All my work - be it the metal sculptures be it the collages of torn and coloured wallpaper - is about framework structures. I started my sculptural work fitting pieces of metal in sculptured wood trunks to show metaphorically a body exposing his spine. In the course I focussed on showing just the framework structure itself. Work titled vertebrae, pelvis or spine evolved. Later on the work has been going beyond this basic idea. Metal is still the preferred material.

Parallel to this I am trying to approach the same idea in collages of torn wallpaper, which is in contrast to my sculptural work a more spontaneous and less planned procedure.
  Meanwhile I turned to the material wood again. This time the trunks are not being worked with the axe but with the chain saw. Bony structures evolve as it appears. These bodies are cut vertically into halves, where I feel the centre is located. They are unified again with a steel panel coming in between to be based on the ground in an upright position. As long as the creative process is going on the final form is still opaque. I have to feel my way towards the result by opening up subconscious areas. However this very personal view is still open to common discourse.

The splitting of the wooden bodies is training the Gestaltsehen and forces to virtually put them together again.

If there is a harmonious and reconciled unification of the parts or if their split off is permanent and irreversible is left to the viewer´s consideration. May be its just an appealing way of presenting the wooden bodies.